Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cut:Disturbed Images at Museum of the Imagination, Hudson, NY,

new installation " Cut"  paper, fabric, shadows, photo courtesy Jo Renbeck

Thursday, September 6, 2012

At the Akin-embedding work within the collection

Standing behind my work at the Akin.
My piece consists of  the silver balls and cones (on top of the glass case.)  (Steel wool and yarn)  I placed these near the exhibit of cannonballs and other weapons which are within the case.  Behind me, top right is a small corner of my "Evening Gloves, Memphis TN". Thanks to Johanne Renbeck for the photo.

Group Show at the Akin Museum and Library in Pawling, NY

I will have 3 pieces on the third floor. A great show in a wild place.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Domestic Subversions at KMOCA

Exhibit opens August 4, 5-7 pm.
My image is in the center: "Evening Gloves 1962 Memphis, Tennessee-2012 Rhinebeck, NY"

While the word "subversive" often conjures up images of back-alley dalliances or anarchy in the streets, KMOCA's three August artists find subversions right where we live. Look no further than your sewing box, your refrigerator, your own backyard. There's no place like home.

Mimi Graminski is fascinated with household materials: yarn, thread, fabrics, and a variety of other objects from around the home. In her current body of work, she creates unlikely combinations, mixing handcrafts such as crochet with things like stones, or leather evening gloves. Mimi's work has been shown widely, and will be featured in an upcoming show at the National Palace of Art on Krakow, Poland. Educated at Bard College, she currently lives in Red Hook. She appreciates everyday life in the Hudson Valley, and the number of artists who make their home here.

Claire Sherwood is inspired by the everyday chores and mundane rituals she finds herself performing on a daily basis. "Fine art materials" (dirt, canned frosting, quotes from soap operas) were collected from around her home and used as a catalyst to create mixed media works and digital photographs. Claire's work has been exhibited in venues including the Smithsonian National Botanic Garden, and she has a site-specific sculpture installed at the Albany International Airport through 2013. Claire received her MFA from the University of Maryland. In recent years, she has returned to her hometown near Troy, NY, and she's currently a visiting professor at the College of Saint Rose in Albany.

Lindsay Stern makes works about people's emotional lives in the kitchen, "where food is equally a necessity, joy, and transgression." Her images are inspired by her own perceived ambivalence toward the farm animals she sees in her neighbors' yards, and their connection with the ones on her dinner plate. Lindsay's work has been featured in shows throughout the country, and she's received research grants to travel to France and Japan. She received her MFA from the University of Michigan. Having grown up on Long Island and lived for a while in Western New York, Lindsay feels like a well-rounded NY State resident now the she makes Kingston her home.

"Domestic Subversions" continues at KMOCA through August 25.

Monday, May 14, 2012

...and Other Acts of Transformation

"Bound"  String, thread   8"x7"x7"

Solo Exhibit at Joyce Goldstein Gallery
16 Main St., Chatham, NY
May 26-June 20
Opening Reception May 26, 4-6pm

And last chance to see Bibi and Mimi's Friday Adventures 
Until May 20,  Thursday - Sunday 12-5
At Joyce Goldstein Gallery

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Bibi And Mimi's Friday Adventures" at Joyce Goldstein Gallery April 14-May 20

Two artists work in their separate studios during the same hour each week with the intention of tuning into the same creative channel. They don't speak or plan beforehand, but at the end of each session, they compare notes on their inspiration, state of mind and work produced. This exhibit is the result of the first four months of the year long collaboration.

(L)Keep Steady by Mimi Czajka Graminski
(R)Walking Away From Feeling Small by Bibiana Huang Matheis

Joyce Goldstein Gallery
16 Main St., Chatham, NY
April 14-May 20, 2012  
Opening April 14, 4-6 pm
Thursday - Sunday 12-5 pm

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Exhibit at Munson Williams Proctor/Pratt Gallery in Utica,NY

This show with Sage Dawson opens on January 20, 2012 at 5pm. I will giving a gallery talk at 4pm.
Pratt Munson Williams Proctor Gallery
310 Genesee St.
Utica, NY