Wednesday, July 29, 2015

August Happenings

Wired Gallery, High Falls, NY
Opening Reception
August 29, 5-7 pm 
There are visual threads that are visible and others that are more subtle. Contextual Threads interlaces four artists, from the visual connections to the underlying, less tangible ones. Each artist's inspiration and working method is different yet they share a sensibility, reflected in the use of organic materials, chroma and configurations.

Seligmann Center, Sugar Loaf, NY
Artist's  Talk
August 16, 3pm
The Seligmann Center at the Citizens Foundation

23 White Oak Drive, Sugar Loaf, NY 10918
Lisa Breznak, Mimi Czajka Graminski and Riva Weinstein will lead a walk through the various buildings and outdoor spaces speaking about their work and collaboration in this exhibition.
Studio Gallery at the Seligmann Center, Background: Wool Drawings, Foreground: Forgive